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Department of Computer Science (General)

B.Sc. Computer Science General is a three-year course consisting six semesters. In this general course you can choose computer science and any two subjects among (Physics, Chemistry, Math). Computer science consists of total 10 papers (50 marks each) including two Lab based papers.

The eligibility criteria for this course are:

Either the student has Math and Physics OR computer science in their 10+2

Marks distribution of Computer science:

For only theory paper: total marks (50)-> 32 written, 18 internal (Tutorial 8, Assignment 6, Attendance 4)

For Lab based paper: total marks (50)-> 25 written, 15 (Lab), 10 internal (Assignment 6, Attendance 4)

Inside the course:

The aim of the computer science is to prepare students for successful professional careers both in industry, academics and as an entrepreneur, and to provide service to the nation as a good human being.

This course provides mastery in computer skills, Programming skills and in research area also. As everything is becoming Digital in this world so we need computer experts in every field. Hence having Computer science background provides many job opportunities in every sector.


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