Our Vission

The vision of the Founders of Kaliachak College remained to spread formal education initially among the boys and girls to fulfill the needs of the people of the vast agriculture based rural backward Muslim minority dominated, SC/ST, OBC and General inhabited area of the southern part of the Malda district in particular and to satisfy the national necessities at large.

The successor of the founders, we trust in wider and modern connotation of Education to train the knowledge seekers youths for a meaningful life through the continuous effort for making competent human beings enriched in value based learning with special focus on women education. This establishment is to be developed as an outstanding institution of higher education in local and global arena.

The Vision of Kaliachak College are to be: 

  1. The civic centric learning to bridge the gap of the male-female, ruralurban, minority-majority, SC/ST-general in particular and all pupils in general. 
  2. The institution of (i) learn to acquire knowledge, (ii) learn to do, (iii) learn to live together through inculcating harmony among all.